Foxhole Herd History

Foxhole Farm is situated in the hamlet of Kinsham, close to the foot of ā€œBredon Hillā€, near Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire.

Keith & Margaret Plain established ā€œThe Foxhole Herdā€ of South Devon cattle more than 20 years ago from some of the finest South Devon herds in the UK.

Since then, the herd has become very successful in its own right and, with these strong breed lines the herd has had great success within the Show Ring, winning numerous “best of breed” championships at the major shows.

Recent awards include:

  • Best Small Herd (Wessex Regional Winners 2009)
  • Best Small Herd (South Devon HC 2009)
  • Best Small Herd (South Devon HC 2008)
  • Best Small Herd (South Devon HC 2007)
  • Best of Breed (Devon County 2006)
  • Best of Breed (Three Counties 2006)
  • Supreme Beef Champion (Royal Cornwall 2005)
  • Supreme Beef Champion (Devon County 2005)
  • Cow of the Year 2005

South Devonā€™s are the largest of Britainā€™s native cattle breeds, being large-framed, more muscular in conformation, later maturing in terms of fat deposition, but early maturing in terms of puberty. South Devonā€™s yield leaner carcases than do other British breeds.

In research in the USA and Australia the South Devon has proved to be amongst the foremost breeds for intramuscular fat ā€˜marblingā€™ ā€“ which is a highly desirable trait for taste and tenderness and is well sought after by restaurateurs and butchers alike.

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the environment and, where their food comes from as well as how it is produced which is why Foxhole Farm operates under FABBL which means that all of our beef is ā€œFarm Assuredā€.

You can buy our beef with confidence knowing that we only sell what we grow and, is fully traceable and identifiable, as well as being provided with the highest quality grazing to ensure the fullest flavour.

Consumer FABBL benefits include:

  • Identification and traceability
  • Farm animal management
  • Environment and hygiene management
  • Feed composition, storage and use
  • Housing and handling facilities
  • Medicines and veterinary treatments
  • Transport of livestock
  • Expansion of home-mixing standards for feed
  • Herd/flock health plans
  • Waste management plans